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Our Story

We are a family owned & operated auto-body shop located in the heart of Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney offering quality panel beating & spray painting services.



Established in 1963 by Doug Taylor & Jim Botham, T & B Body Works is one of the longest running auto-body shops in Australia with a reputation for passion, integrity and quality.

Long term employee Mark Chojnacki, along with his wife Debbie took ownership of the business in 1999. While maintaining the high standard of customer service, they introduced new technology and equipment to set T & B Body Works up for the future.



In 2013 Matt Chojnacki came into the business as Manager, with his father Mark utilising his 45 years of industry experience as Foreman & Team Leader on the shop floor.

With a mutual passion for classic cars from the 1950s to 1970s both Mark & Matt bring a fresh dynamic to the stagnant industry- bucking the trend and combining traditional panel beating techniques while adapting new technologies.


"Bucking the trend and combining traditional panel beating techniques while adapting new technologies"

A quality business is as only as good as its staff and T&B have that in spades with a close knit team of passionate professionals who care for your vehicle as if it's their own... with Taylor & Botham Body Works you can be confident your car is in safe hands.


Proprietor Mark Chojnacki has been infatuated with all things practical since his early years. Jumping into the industry at 16, his brother was a mechanic so Mark decided to try his hand at paint and panel with an idea they could build cars together. Mark has been a staple in the Northern Beaches community for over 3 decades and has never looked back. 

"Well known in the industry for his hard work ethic and reliable nature"

Mark donates hundreds of hours of his time and resources to organisations such as;


- Dee Why Lifesaving Club

- Cromer Rugby league Club

- Warringah Performing Arts

- Reefriders Malibu Club

- Palm Beach Longboarders

- Business Network International

Matt Chojnacki comes from a surf industry background and has successfully forged a lifestyle reminiscent of a 'timewarp'.  Matt has been a key player in the resurgence of classic longboard surfing and it was his passion for a bygone era led him to the automotive industry. 


Dubbed 'The Waxhead' in his teenage years, when he was not surfing he was tinkering with his show-winning '66 Valiant Safari Wagon or travelling up & down the coast with his father Mark in his restored 1976 VW Kombi chasing waves, pretty classic huh? Period correct is how Matt rolls...


Channelling the rich surf and auto history of Brookvale, Matt bridges the past with the present and the vehicles that come through T & B Body Works is a testament to Matt's passion. 


Their genuine personalities and unique lifestyle based around these classic yet functional vehicles reveals that this is more than a job, it's their passion which shines through in each and every restoration and repair they undertake.

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